28 Nov

Let Your Home Work for You


Posted by: Danny Benjamin

As Canadians approach their retirement years, many are exploring the potential of the CHIP Reverse Mortgage solution to allow them to enjoy the retirement they’ve worked so hard for. Many retirees face financial challenges with lower Canada Pension Plan payments, diminished or non-existent company pensions, inadequate retirement savings, and the ever-rising cost of living. However, there is a solution that allows your home to work for you – the CHIP Reverse Mortgage by HomeEquity Bank.

Understanding the CHIP Reverse Mortgage

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is a financial solution specifically tailored to Canadian homeowners aged 55 and better. It is a loan secured against the appraised value of your home. This innovative approach enables you to convert up to 55% of your home’s value into tax-free cash while staying in the home you love. What sets this financial solution apart is its flexibility; you can choose how you’d like to receive your funds. Whether you prefer a lump sum or regular monthly deposits, the choice is yours. Moreover, you won’t be burdened with making regular mortgage payments or repaying the loan until you decide to move or sell your home.

Meeting Your Financial Needs

In retirement, a limited income and the escalating cost of living can cause stress. Thankfully, the CHIP Reverse Mortgage provides a lifeline by offering versatile funding options. The funds you receive can serve various purposes, such as:

  • Increasing Monthly Cashflow
  • Consolidating Debt
  • Purchasing Another Property
  • Covering Medical Expenses
  • Renovating Your Home
  • Fulfilling Your Dream Vacation
  • And More!

Embrace a Richer Retirement with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage

When your home has the potential to unlock financial security, it can help you live the retirement of your dreams. To tap into the power of your home’s equity and enhance your retirement, contact me today! (Danny Benjamin – 289-455-8801)

28 Nov

Mortgage Types 101


Posted by: Danny Benjamin

Get to know the important basics before you choose your mortgage.

You have to be sure you select what is most important to you – lower rates or flexibility. Before you choose a mortgage, take some time to study mortgage types:

Closed Mortgage: If you want consistency with respect to rates and the length of your mortgage agreement, a closed mortgage is best for you. Interest rates are typically lower (and do not change with the length of the term). However, a closed mortgage does not offer much flexibility in paying off your mortgage sooner – with the exception of a once-a-year lump sum payment up to 20% of your entire mortgage.

  • Predictability and consistency with respect to payment amount
  • Often comes with lower interest rates
  • Limited flexibility with paying down the mortgage faster
  • Cannot change interest rate during the term of mortgage

Convertible Mortgage: Want the best of both worlds? Then consider a convertible mortgage. Convertible mortgages are flexible yet offer minimal risk. Often with a lower interest rate than an open mortgage, convertible mortgages provide the opportunity to switch to a longer-term closed mortgage without penalty.

  • Provides an opportunity to take advantage of lower interest rates and switch to a closed rate without penalty
  • Offers lower interest rates than an open mortgage

Open Mortgage: If you are looking for flexibility with regard to paying off your mortgage, consider an open mortgage. No penalty is incurred if you decide to make lump sump payments or pay off your mortgage before the term expires; however, this flexibility comes often with a higher interest rate – which can result in higher monthly payments.

  • Maximum flexibility; no penalty for making lump sum payments or paying off your entire mortgage before the term expires
  • Higher interest rate
  • Best for those looking to pay off their mortgage as soon as possible

Still not sure which type of mortgage is best for you? Contact me today! (Danny Benjamin – 289-455-8801)